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Platini’s Refusal To Admit That He Is Wrong Is Stupidity Of The Highest Degree

Platini’s Refusal To Admit That He Is Wrong Is Stupidity Of The Highest Degree

He described it as a failure of government and blasted the Environmental Protection Agency for its dumb and dangerous rules on allowable ... continued to defend Theranos' testing and methodsall while refusing to allow ... video before admitting he was wrong to do so after a judge forced his hand... english premier league 28 THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY 30 MESUT ... Won the 2018 Africa Cup of Nations Best result at a World Cup: ... She is won it at the U-17 level and the U-20 level so she certainly has ... DUMB & DUMBER ... Hudson-Odoi this summer, even if he refuses to sign a new contract.. Thierry Daniel Henry is a French professional football coach and former player who is currently ... His rising status as one of the world's best footballers was affirmed when he ... at international level, he ended the tournament as France's top scorer with three goals. ... "France 20 Lithuania: Henry smashes Platini record".. Money has transformed the top division of English football and that, in turn, has ... by poor management, mistakes in the transfer market or bad luck with injuries. ... But even that level of spending, combined with the debt load, pushed the club to the ... He refused to leave Ipswich Town to take the job in 1962 until he had been.... Platini's refusal to admit that he is wrong is stupidity of the highest degree ... Michel Platini, who is still fiercely against technology in football despite so many big.... It's not sport, it's not a level playing field and it's not even good business. ... it is a novel concept i admit but it seems to be one of the ways our society differentiates itself ... This on top of the several EBT payments to which they already admitted being in the wrong. ... It's a question of stupidity, morality or lack of concentration.. I'm sure it (a quota) will definitely help our national team, if that's the case, and we ... Academy players are coming through at first-team level and ... despite Platini and Blatter's best efforts, then the Premier League will remain as it ... Quotas) then he refuses to admit he's wrong and instead finds a scapegoat.. Apologise and admit that the comments made by the manager (or Spanish ... Outside of Fergie refusing to admit he made an open statement ... @Brooklyn Hotspur: What's wrong with Fergie saying he's interested in buying 'one striker'? ... Manchester United have the most England internationals in the top 4.... FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA chief Michel Platini are both facing suspension. ... Blatter, 79, who has held FIFA's top job since 1998, has been embroiled ... Banned from all football-related activity for life after admitting he took ... You don't really appreciate (our) Asian intellectual level, that's too bad.. Even though the owners had borrowed money to buy the club, they ... other top teams in England and Europe, the fans seem to demand a move to a bigger ... When did it all go wrong? ... The president of the European Football Association (UEFA), Michel Platini, is ... 7 The third highest level in the English league system.. From the very highest level down as we see right before our eyes. ... They control the ad's ,, and thus sway opinion as only that stupid oblong box in the corner can. ... Its biggest event goes bad , the house of card's might just collapse. ... can't understand Celtic Fans who refuse to enjoy our recent successes,.... Platini's refusal to admit that he is wrong is stupidity of the highest degree ... Arsene Wenger believes that his team is much stronger now than when they lost at.... There is no doubt that it has to be wrong to offer inducements to the families of ... whilst the French football system may help them become top-class players. ... It is simply a question of degrees; small fish - bigger fish - big fish. ... will just simply refuse any other team a transfer bid for that particular player. It.... Posts about Michel Platini written by Dan Bermingham-Shaw. ... Platini's refusal to admit that he is wrong is stupidity of the highest degree.... Gianluigi "Gigi" Buffon, Ufficiale OMRI is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a ... He was named the IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper a record five times, ... While admitting that he did place bets on sporting matches (until regulations ... On 5 March, Buffon drew level with Totti as the joint third-highest appearance.... Last time Platini presented his proposals at such a meeting. ... I want to see the best teams and the best players in CL. ... Whoever thinks fans of Lyon will accept to quit League I, is wrong. ... But the overall level of those leagues is much higher so. ... And of course they don't do it; it's stupid to do it. Platini's refusal to admit that he is wrong is stupidity of the highest degree ... Michel Platini, who is still fiercely against technology in football...

Michel Platini, UEFA President, on his view of soccer ... If it's right, you'll see it on the pitch, if it's wrong, it will be on the pitch. ... The Premiership at its highest level is enthralling, edge-of-the-seat stuff, but sometimes it is too fast and ... at such a blatant refusal to either embrace the game of football in the spirit it is intended to.... Amandine Cleret said: "Zidane did something really, really bad. ... Zidane is the best player in the world cup and beats an italian player. Oh gosh ... The fact that Materazzi has so far cowardly refused to admit what he said to Zidane in the ... Zidan has done everything he could to take football to the next level.. The existence of racism and discrimination in football is not a secret, but it is a ... Racism has been tackled by both bottom-up and top-down initiatives. ... and 'low inhibition' among fans; the 'high degree of organized fan culture that ... Collective sanctions are ethically wrong, highly controversial and counterproductive.


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